Janel is a Licensed Massage Therapist that has been practicing bodywork since 2011.

In her practice she integrates Deep Tissue, Thai, Swedish, and Sports massage into flowing sessions that are aimed at full body and mind restoration . She provides this through focused therapeutic work based on clients’ individual needs. While firm pressure is her strength, ultimately, relaxation is her goal.

Janel is also trained in Prenatal and Postpartum massage. Through massage, she helps clients to prepare their bodies and minds for birth as well as alleviate stress and tension in the everyday lives of new parents.  Her background in midwifery allows her to easily identify physical needs and offer massage-related, self-care techniques for an optimal pregnancy and birth.

Her commitment to self care begins at home; as an involved mother and partner she finds solace in running, writing, rock climbing and immersing herself in the outdoors.

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