Therapeutic Massage (60/90 minute)

This massage combines elements of Deep Tissue, Swedish and Thai Massage to find a flow suited for your needs. Designed for deep relaxation through fluid strokes,  intentional acupressure and passive stretches. Whether you are in need of deliberate focus on particular areas of tension or an overall body and mind refresh, this massage can help you take steps toward both mental and physical rejuvenation.

Prenatal/Postpartum Massage (60/90 minute)

In this massage we are working to relieve tension related to growing babies and new parenting. During pregnancy we will work in side-lying position to soothe the tension in the neck, low back and hips as well as give some much needed care to the legs and feet.  Postpartum massage will be tailored to the needs of your body and the healing that’s happening in your  “4th trimester”. In both massages, we will work to calm both the muscles and the mind.


**Currently, I offer massages at a peaceful studio in Downtown Northampton on Monday and Wednesday Evenings as well as Tuesday and Thursday during the day. Email or book here

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